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Arenas for Change is an online platform with a growing collection of virtual & hands-on courses to help those in the well-being industry advance your learning and grow a business.

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What is Arenas for Change?

Arenas for Change is a worldwide mental health & wellbeing online membership platform where everyone participates and thrives.

Get the support you need in your profession so that you grow and move forward with confidence and impact.

ARCH offers a monthly membership, giving you access to excellent remote and hands-on learning, and a vibrant collaborative community.

Your business becomes easier, your skill set becomes more valuable, and we join together in the joy of learning and deepening our skillsets to benefit the clients we serve.  

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ARCH teaches a way of facilitation. 

It's how we walk through a process. 

The ARCH way of facilitation is the thought process we are going through as we interact with and support those we serve. 

Based on values and keystones, the ARCH framework supports personal growth, organizational development and mental health.  When applied in an environment with horses and animals, the ARCH framework impacts lives in meaningful ways.

Through utilizing ARCH's four keystones - SEEN - facilitators have a guide and a mindset that  supports emotional safety, and where clients feel seen and heard during learning and transformative experiences. 

Applicable in many contexts, ARCH provides a thought process and core style of facilitation, designed to support your work as you empower and positively change lives. 


"Like an arch, our strength comes from leaning on and uplifting one another."

Lynn Thomas


The focus of ARCH is to provide an accessible way for anyone who wants to learn and be part of an amazing, values-driven, thought-provoking community. With a monthly subscription, you'll have access to new videos, webinars, community calls, and virtual sessions that are added every month.


While we won't be formally launching until July 2021, you can join as an early subscriber to receive updates about our upcoming platform.  Join now prior to our formal launch in July to receive special discounts for your "early" joining.  Plus you'll receive some "sneak peek" information in weekly emails prior to our formal launch.


Thank you for your support, trust and confidence as we build this next level of learning, community, and professional designations indicating specialized training and professional affiliation incorporating horses and animals for mental health, personal growth, and organizational development.  


Join as an early subscriber

prior to our formal launch in July 2021!




From advancing your facilitation in many contexts and with different populations and goals, to business set up and growth, you will have at your fingertips what you need to succeed and thrive, including active forums of connecting and sharing. 


For those in the mental health and well-being industries, get the support you need. With a monthly membership, no contract, come and go as you need. (But we think you will find you want to stay ;-)



Arenas for Change will be a game-changer for anyone in the mental health, organizational development, and well-being industries who want to feel confident and apply specific facilitation skills to increase emotional safety and transformative experiences.  


For a low monthly price of $35 USD (and other discounted options) and no contract required, ARCH provides excellent online learning and inspirational community forums. Hands-on experiences are also available for additional fees.

"I feel blessed and humbled to be a part of such an amazing and very seasoned group of practitioners who are teaching me a new language." - Claudette Connors

Our Values

Our values identify who we are and purposefully strive to be in all we do.

If this aligns with you, join us!


It is about lifelong learning with creativity!  In order to be creative and learn, you need to be in a state of constant flow. The flow of brainstorming, stretching ourselves, and openness to other perspectives.

It is constant because even when blocked, we keep wrestling with and working on it – questioning, pondering, and digging deeper to expand our thoughts. We are willing to build on one another’s ideas and end up in places we don’t initially imagine.

By setting a stage of constant flow and creativity, we keep on learning and growing every day.  


It is being honest with ourselves and others, and no matter the situation, sticking to our values, even when difficult. We trust that if we stay aligned with our values, it will work out.

We want to both trust and enjoy the process.  We strive to have a positive focus and cultivate a growth mindset.

With shared values, we uplift one another and find joy in the journey through relationship and connection.



It is having the courage to see our truth and then add a balanced touch of humor (grace), let it go, and try again.

While we do serious work, and we are professional, we also know how to be genuine and not take ourselves too seriously. This combination sets the stage for acceptance, and emotional safety, which allows us to be who we are.

This is why we can be authentic


It is accepting others for who they are, letting go of our personal agendas to truly be open to the other.

Listening and “yes, and’ing,” we build a culture of collaboration. This requires that we are willing to be vulnerable and explore our sense of self as that impacts our actions and relationships.

We recognize others for who they are and look to add value to their lives at every encounter. 


"One of the qualities I have appreciated about working with Lynn and the ARCH leadership team has been our commitment to speak our truth. To engage in difficult conversations, and to disagree about ideas and concepts in a respectful way. 

I feel I can be my authentic self. To be vulnerable enough to say what I mean even when it's hard. I know I won't be judged or criticized, because I am surrounded by people who share the same values.  

This is the culture we want to share with you who are on this path.”   - Amanda Graham

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"All experience is an arch, to build upon."

Henry Adams